Dead Souls - Paperback edition

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Dead Souls - Paperback edition

Dead Souls - Paperback edition
Item #: DS011

Dead Souls contains twenty five stories that will only ensure the darkness without enfolds you in its cold damned!

Before God created light, there was darkness. Even after He illuminated the world, there were shadows — shadows that allowed the darkness to fester and infect the unwary. The tales found within Dead Souls explore the recesses of the spirit; those people and creatures that could not escape the shadows. From the inherent cruelness of humanity to malevolent forces, Dead Souls explores the depths of humanity as a lesson to the ignorant, the naive and the unsuspecting. God created light, but it is a temporary grace that will ultimately fail us, for the darkness is stronger and our souls…are truly dead.


Bernie Mojzes - The Collector

T. A. Moore - Licwiglunga

Carole Johnstone - The Blind Man

Tom English - Dry Places

Sharon Irwin - Begin with Water

Robert Holt - In the Name

William Ward - When they Come to Murder Me

Chris Johnstone - The Unbedreamed

Elizabeth Barrette - Goldenthread

Catherine J. Gardner - When the Cloak Falls

Anna M. Lowther - The Price of Peace

James R. Stratton - Your Duty to your Lord

Kenneth C. Goldman - Mercy Hathaway is a Witch

Lisa Kessler - Immortal Beloved

Lisa Kessler - Subito Piano

Michael Stone - The Migrant

Robert Hood - Sandcrawlers

Reece Notley - Tatsu

L. J. Hayward - Wayang Kulit

Rebecca Lloyd - Contaminator

Ramsey Campbell - The Dead Must Die

Stephanie Campisi - The Ringing Sound of Death on the Water Tank

Paul Finch - June

Gary McMahon - A Shade of Yellow

Kaaron Warren - The Blue Stream

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Dead Souls - Paperback edition

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